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Puffin Boy x Puffin Girl – BOYZ dance….

The nostalgia bug bit me!

In the past week I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting at home sifting through my collection of endless photo’s and videos which I’ve collected over the past years of family, friends, events and places that have crossed my path through my journey of LIFE.

With that being said, I found this gem of a video I recorded back in December of 2007 with my one and only Puffin girl.  My NY partner in crime, boredom and brokeness.  Where there’s a will, there’s a Puffin, and we never ran out fun, creative ways of keeping ourselves entertained.  The video below is a sneak peak into what began as a drunken night and turned into a regular “tranny werq it out” session when Puffin boy x Puffin girl got together!  Watch, laugh and enjoy.

Miss ya puff!



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